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AWESOME shorts! Just what I was looking for. Tired of long shorts that go to the knee or barely right above it. I wanted to show off my quads to the broads in the gym and these bad boys do just that. Super lightweight and my butt looks great in them (no homo). No back pockets, but the side pockets do just fine. Nothing ever falls out of them. and for under ten bucks?! What a bargain. I pretty much bought every color. (BTW I’m 5’9 160lbs and I got a size small, perfect)
  Ahmed Barakat

Nice Jersyey…Daughter loved it. Name on back seems to be a little on the small side thiough.
  Nicolas Rojas

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Great size and nice and snug. Only thing I don’t like is the placement of the metal clasp type thing. The mask sometimes shifts and the metal piece Is uncomfortable on the ear. Definitely would recommend still.
  SlandonXt Seth

Awesome. Very comfy
  Kristen D Flores

Cheap Nfl Jerseys Online 2011

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