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I hold sacred the sensitive touch of the human hand, the meditative thought of the weaver. Striving to bring to life the value of natural fibre, a hand-woven textile, a hand crafted ensemble.

Original… Innovative… Feisty… Spirited…

…are just few words that strive to describe the creations of Bengaluru-based designer Deepika Govind. Be it garments in her prêt and couture collection, interiors, lifestyle products or accessories, Deepika’s stores bear witness to the matchless originality of her designs.

Her design philosophy










Human Hand

Striking a comfortable balance between Eastern crafting and Western construction, Deepika’s creations transcend both time and culture and thus, stand apart in being at once avant garde and classic.

And beneath each of these designs is this distinctive designer‘s inspiration: India. Delving into our country’s heritage – ‘a cultural goldmine’ as she puts it – Deepika has been influenced strongly by the constantly moving, pulsating, evolving aspect of India. 

Thus she finds inspiration in the bazaars of Benaras, woven textiles of Bhagalpur, the tie-dye process, weaving of ikats in Orissa, Bhuj handcrafted textiles, beauty of handspun khadi, the carpets, the smells, the aromatic spices and herbs and the colour filled deserts of Rajasthan.

Interestingly, she has fashioned fabric and designs where the silhouettes are always organic, designs that feed her preservationist soul. A strong believer of the organic, natural fibers, innumerable pure fabric blends and a wide range of organic textiles have been created by her, working with the Master Weavers.

By blending silks and natural fibres to create finer new age textiles, Deepika has sought to weave together the fabric of two civilizations – the warp of the ancient and the weft of the modern.

Products include : tunics, tops , dresses in a special Peace Silk, long silk dresses with drape detailing, unique handwoven stoles and shawls, as well as jewellery in an unusual medium.

All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.  The need of the hour is a personalized interpretation of fashion.”